Great teams can go great places.

Nuklius helps entrepreneurs realise their ideas and get involved with the next big thing! We are for everyone. The tech, digital, business and creative types. You have the ability to do amazing things, so why not get involved?


Nuklius matches your ideas with the people needed to realise it. Don’t have an idea? That’s cool, we will match you with ideas where you can really make a difference.

  • Locality

    We find that the best startups are founded by teams who are all based in the same area. This is why we only show you entrepreneurs & ideas who are in your neighbourhood. Giving your team the ability to meet up and bash ideas through the early morning around the same table, this is priceless to a startups’ success.

  • Expertise

    In order for your idea & team to conquer the world, your skills need to all complement each other; but not only that, each team member needs to be an expert in their field. In order to be good at something, by definition you can only be good at a few things. We ask everyone to chose what their best skills are and justify them with background experience in that chosen skill.

  • Interests

    It’s important for great teams that everyone is in sync and working on something they are all passionate about. This is why we match your team together based on everyone’s area of interests. We are not looking for everyone to like the same things (as this is boring and proven to be harmful to a team), we are simply looking to help with creating more in-tune team chemistry.

  • Reputation

    We make it our job to show you reputable, truthful and good entrepreneurs & ideas. This is achieved through analysing their cards as well as how other members of the Nuklius community interact with them.

We want to bring entrepreneurship to the masses. We believe that startups drive true social and economic change - so the more startups we can help take off, the better.

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